Saturday, August 16, 2008

I'm a Big Boy Now!

I can't believe how fast Ryker is growing up. This week was a big one for him. On Monday my sister in-law, Crystal, came over and did potty training in a day with him. He caught on so fast and has done really well all week. He's even waking up dry in the mornings. YEA!! I'm so glad I only have one kid in diapers now. Thank you so much Crystal! Then today Abe taught him how to ride a bike with no training wheels. I was blown away that he could do it. He just loves riding his bike!

Friday, August 15, 2008

East Canyon

For a week every summer (and winter) we stay at East Canyon in a condo with my family. It's always so much fun! We go swimming every day. We also had a tennis and mini golf tournament. I forgot how bad I was at tennis, but Abe and I almost won the mini golf tournament. Ryker had so much fun playing with his cousins all day. Thanks Mom and Dad for all the fun memories.

Gage, Bowen, and Bryson

My beautiful sister, Natalie, and her son Bowen

Bryson, Tate, and Ryker

Brooklyn, Bailey, Collin, Tate, Bridger, and Ryker watching a movie

Abe doing some cool tricks on his bike

Ryker was a pro at mini golf

Ryker at the water fountains. I was so proud that he finally told me he wanted to go play in the water so I could get a swim suit on him. The previous two days he got soaking wet with his regular clothes on.

Ryker jumping into the pool all by himself