Thursday, February 26, 2009

East Canyon and Skiing

I know it's been forever since I last posted, and I'd like to say that I was way busy but I really wasn't, I guess I was just a little lazy. Anyways, last weekend we stayed up at East Canyon, all 33 of us in two condos. We played a ton of games, ate a ton of food, went hot tubing, went sleding, and played Wii for hours. Like always we all had a blast!

Ryker mastering Wii boxing.

Gage is getting so big, and is now walking everywhere.

My kids really have the best grandma. My mom always brings all these different kinds of crafts for the kids to do. She had already taken pictures of her 18 grandkids and then had them paint a frame to put their picture in. Here's Ryker painting his lion picture frame.

Abe and Ryker bombing down the hill.

Ryker, Tate, Brooke, and Bryson

Abe's family has this great tradition where Abe's Dad takes us all skiing for his birthday. That's right, he pays for all of us to ski for his birthday present. We all really look forward to his birthday each year. This was the first year we took Ryker. He did a great job and was fast learner.

Aren't those skies the cutest thing you've ever seen!