Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Lake Powell 2010

I'm a little behind posting our awesome trip to Lake Powell, but our internet isn't working right now. We went the last week in June and aside from ripping my toenail off hiking, this may have been the best trip yet. We did some really neat hikes. We painted the kids faces like indians then hiked to some indian ruins. Ryker skied again this year, but was more into tubing. We did fireworks or games or a movie projected onto the cliff wall each night. Abe and my brother, Trent, put up a zip line which actually worked this year because we used cable wire instead of rope. Everyone had a lot of fun going down it. One night the kids put on a talent show, and it was the cutest thing ever! Next year is going to be hard to beat. I was excited to come home after six days of not seeing Gage. I left him with my mother in-law again (thank you Teri). Next year he's for sure coming.